I first began to take interest in education in late 2016 during my second year of studies at Falmouth University, after undertaking ‘skills for music leaders’ module, where I studied different approaches to formal and non-formal music education. In September 2017, I have taken my ambitions to teach guitar further and fully dedicated my third year of studies to learn about ethics in music education, and began work experience with Cornwall Music Service Trust. I have shadowed 3 guitar teachers as well as 1 violin teacher and learned how to work with children aged between 6-16. I have actively engaged during the lessons, and helped as much as it was possible. I observed their teaching style and studied how to apply it into my own practice, gaining very good references, quotes are visible at bottom of the page. If you are interested in full references please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail.

I am happy announce the launch of Skype guitar lessons as well as private guitar tuition across Cornwall. I am competent to structure lessons for more advanced acoustic guitar, as well as able to teach beginner electric and classical guitarists. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail regarding any further information and fees.



”Przemyslaw mostly observed the lessons however, also took part in helping pupils at various points throughout, offering them help with general musicality issues like timing and note values. Przemyslaw at all times remained professional in his attitude towards teaching and also took an interest in the different school policies between the schools we visited.”

Stuart Macquarrie

Peripatetic violin teacher

Cornwall Music Service Trust


”He has proven himself by his outstanding work ethic, time management and organizational skills. He has also demonstrated his ability for flexibility and work under pressure. I highly recommend him as a competent teacher and talented musician.”


Douglas McClure

Peripatetic guitar teacher

Cornwall Music Service Trust