Prez established his interest in music in 2010/11 and at the age of 14 began playing guitar. A year later he started studying fingerstyle guitar music. The main influences that brought the technique into his guitar playing were Tommy Emmanuel, Ewan Dobson, Antoine Dufour and Andy McKee. The fingerstyle guitar passion continues and he aims to develop his own unique guitar style. He has rece ntly started to create original music. His first EP Deosil was created with his colleagues at South Devon College (Available at Since then his experimentation with sounds has grown, and the outcomes of that are available in the EP Looking Back For Hope.

Prez has studied contemporary music techniques at Falmouth University (Cornwall) No.1 ART University in UK, improving his musical knowledge much further on topics that include minimalism and sound experimentation. His main goals for the future are to explore more musical knowledge and create his own musical expression, learning much more compound styles on acoustic, electric and classical guitar, and to explore different instruments such as drums and piano.

In the past year Prez has been an active performer and performed in various venues and festivals across SouthWest UK  that include Calstock arts, The Poly, Cornwall Folk Festival and Stonehenge Solstice Festival and many more.

Prez had undertaken work experience with Cornwall Music Service Trust, improving his knowledge of instrumental teaching, and he now offers private guitar tuitions across Cornwall and via Skype. (More Info in lessons tab) 

In the upcoming years his aims are to compose music and work as an independent solo guitarist, composer and performer.


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