New music video!!

Here’s m music video to a song called introspection. I recorded it around 1.5 year ago for my final uni project. It is a lullaby I wrote when going through an insomnia stage. Hope you enjoy it!

Hellys international guitar festival 2019


In august I had a chance to perform at hellys international guitar festival. It was an incredible experience to perform there, and meet so many guitarists from around the globe. Here’s a video from my slot.

Upcoming live performance’s

Hello Everyone!

I have been very busy completing my last year of studies at Falmouth University, and now I will have more time to work on develop my artistic and teaching career. I am really excited to announce more live performances upcoming this year. The first 2 gigs will be in are coming up very soon. The first gig will be at 11th of May on Penryn campus, celebrating FXU student voice awards (which is a private event) and the second gig will be at Chacewater food & Ale festival. Come one join if you wish to spend a few days listening to music and and taste some of the finest local ales. There are more events coming up later this year, please visit my live page for more info.